10 Applicants Called For Interview Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa)

10 Applicants Called For Interview Taasisi Ya Sanaa Na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (Tasuba)

10 Applicants Called For Interview Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa)

Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa) is a product of the Bagamoyo College of Arts (BCA) and, this can be traced from 1962 when for the first time in the history of by then Tanganyika, the Ministry of National Culture and Youth was established. The need for training in arts was recognized since 1971 under the Ministry of National Education.

This led to the establishment of Bagamoyo Collage of Performing Arts. Between 2003 and 2005, BCA became fully registered with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and from there BCA developed a competence modular based curriculum which has been accredited by NACTE.

Towards the end of 2005, a decision was made by then Ministry of Education and Culture, that BCA be transformed into an Executive Agency as part of the Government’s Public Service Reform Programs and, therefore Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa) was established on 2nd November, 2007 by Government Notice No.220 according to the Executive Agencies Act No.30 of 1997.

Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo-TaSUBa is an East African Community (EAC) Centre of Excellence for visual and performing arts training with an overall objectives of aiming at addressing partners states’ requirements for preservation, promotion and development of visual and performing arts within the EAC.

10 Applicants Called For Interview Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa)


The main functions and objectives of TaSUBa are to develop and promote Tanzanian arts and culture and impart knowledge of the same to existing and future generations.

The specific functions of TaSUBa are as follows;

To offer high quality training programs learning facilities, multi-media, arts and culture production;

To undertake consultancy services and research in arts and culture; and

To facilitate an efficient management of the Institute resources

10 Applicants Called For Interview Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa)


Conduct training, research and consultancy services in arts and culture by producing high quality professional artists, arts managers, cultural workers as well as producing arts products, services and multimedia productions.


A dynamic Arts and Culture centre of excellence in Africa

Core Values

TaSUBa will provide services to the public and stakeholders while observing the following core values:

Performance oriented: We shall strive to make sure that our performance is based on results;

Customer focus: We shall always treat customers and colleagues with courtesy;

Transparency and accountability: We shall undertake our duties fairly, carefully, transparently and shall be accountable;

Integrity: We shall not seek or accept gifts, favors or inducement, financial or otherwise in the course of discharging our duties, like wise we shall not offer gifts, favors or inducement;

Professionalism: We shall strive to deliver top class quality services and maintain ethical and professional standards;

Innovativeness and creativity: We shall use innovative and creative ways to solve problems;

Diligence to duty: We shall be at workplace during working hours and shall devote ourselves wholly to our work;

Impartiality in service delivery: We shall not engage in political activities at places of work, or allow our personal political views to influence the performance; and

Pursuit of Excellence in Service: We will strive to achieve the highest standards in our work and to actively look for opportunities to improve on those standards.

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