This is a short sound, word or phrase spoken suddenly to express an emotion or strong feeling.

An interjection has no grammatical connection with other words in a sentence. It should be set off with commas or an exclamation mark.

For example Oh!, Look out!, Ow!, wow!, whew!, Alas! Hurrah!, bravo!, , shit, Gosh, Bravo, lo, are interjections.


used when you are reacting to something that has been said, especially if you did not know it before

‘I saw Ben yesterday.’ ‘Oh yes, how is he?’

Oh dear! What’s happened now?

You can’t come tonight? Oh well, see you next week then.

 ‘Emmy has a new job.’ ‘Oh, has she?’


Used to express surprise, fear, joy, etc.

Oh, how wonderful!

Oh no, I’ve broken it!


Used to express great surprise or admiration

Wow! You look terrific!

Wow! What a beautiful car!


Used to show you are sad or sorry

For many people, alas, hunger is part of everyday life.

Hurrah! /hurray/hooray, Used to show that you are happy or that you approve of something.

 HurrayWe won!

Ow! Used to express sudden pain

Ow! That hurt!


People say Bravo! At the end of something they have enjoyed, such as a play at the theatre

Bravo! This was wonderful!


People say ‘Gosh!’

Gosh, is that the time?


A swear word that many people find offensive, used to show that you are angry or annoyed


Shit! I’ve lost my keys!


Used for calling attention to a surprising thing

An extra skittle was added and, lo, tenpin bowling was born.


A sound that people make to show that they are surprised or relieved about something or that they are very hot or tired.

Whew—and I thought it was serious!

Ten grand? Whew!


A sound that people make to show that they are hot, tired, or happy that sth bad has finished or did not happen

Phew, it’s hot in here!

Phew, I’m glad that’s all over.

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