Explain the Similarities of Colonial Administrative Systems

The Reasons For The Fall Of Portuguese Rule In East Africa.

Explain the Similarities of Colonial Administrative Systems

Colonial administrative systems were the ways of controlling and maintaining colonial power in the colonies soon after the establishment of colonialism. Also colonial administration systems were the methods used by Europeans to rule their colonies.

After colonization of African societies colonialist established different administrative systems in their colonies includes Direct Rule, Indirect Rule, Assimilation policies, and Association policies.

Both systems based on racial segregation, since African colour was regarded as inferior over white colour. Examples to the large extent whites were given top position while other races received lower positions.

Both based on oppression of indigenous through the use of force; all systems used their forces to humiliate and oppress all Africans who were against their will including the uses of army, police and court.

Indirect rules and indirect rule as well as association and assimilation policies were based on intensive exploitation of African resources; example they aimed at exploiting African resources like raw materials, labour, market and area for investment.

Similarities of Colonial Administrative Systems

Both were capitalist systems. These administrative systems were used to ensure Europeans acquire capitalist demands like raw materials and markets for European finished goods.

Both aimed to ensure law and order in the colonies; this is due to the fact that it could be simple to dominate and satisfy their needs in African colonies through their systems.

Both faced resistance and opposition; this systems were not directly accepted by all people within and outside the colonies, example most of African communities resisted all of them but direct rule experienced strong resistances than others.

Also another opposition comes from the colonial master’s home, for example most French citizens opposed assimilation policies to be practiced in Africa.